Spry Consulting provides strategic advice, change and project management, people management and technology solutions, business development and asset management advice and services to small, medium and large businesses in the private and public sectors.


Spry Consulting will deliver measured results in accordance with your needs. Utilising proven project management methodologies and current thinking on leadership and management, Spry Consulting can bring about improvements in your service delivery, marketing strategy, human resources management, technological leverage, and cost and operating efficiencies.

Strategic Planning

Fundamental to identifying and executing on the strategies required to deliver results to your key stakeholders. Align your people, processes & systems to reap greater value from your business.

Organisation Development

People want to contribute to the success of their company. Let us show you how the structure, training, development, motivation and rewarding of your people can improve the bottom line.

Audit / Review

Often the first step to identifying opportunities for significant improvement. Independent assessments of Expenses Ratios, Asset Utilisation, Service Delivery and Compliance.

Business Development

Whether reviewing the structure of your marketing team or strategy, or assisting your sales team increase their effectiveness, share in some proven methods to improve revenues.



Reconceived and led the redesign of the client engagement strategy and the software product development cycle, shortened delivery timeframes, ensured accurate cost recovery and thereby reduced reputational and financial risks.

Restructured the marketing channel strategy, doubling last-minute website bookings, increasing revenue per available room by 31%, and stripping a whole layer of commission costs from the distribution channel.

SERVICE DELIVERY - Conference & Training 
Reduced the service delivery error rate by 60% through a strategic review of organisational design, improved role clarity and job specifications, also leading to a reduction in staff turnover from 71% to 17%.                                         

SOFTWARE SOLUTION - Building Management Services
Scoped and managed the design and development of a bespoke, mobile application to support the organisation and management of building maintenance and housekeeping services for a rapidly growing company.


Howard Spry


Over 20 years Howard has successfully led a range of businesses and business units including Corporate Services Delivery,Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Conference and Training Facilities, and Technology Solutions throughout the South Pacific. Howard has an MBA from the Brisbane Graduate School of Business (QUT), specialising in Human Resource Management and Business Strategy.

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